Posted by: PureWater | August 12, 2011

The benefits of drinking deuterium depleted water

Regular use of Qlarivia water has many great benefic effects.

The lack of deuterium produces two main types of effects: metabolic and control of the proliferation of cancer cells. Thus, it decreases the need for insulin-dependents, lowers cholesterol and lipids in long-term therapy with effects in treating atherosclerosis, delaying the multiplication of human nontumoral fibroblasts. These are the main quantifiable effects. From the hard quantifiable, can be mentioned increase of creative memory, improving sleep, removal of anxiety states, increased work capacity.

Low-deuterium water influences the process of cell division: the lower the deuterium content of water, the lower the frequency of cell division process, which means that body aging can be slowed down. Therefore, QLARIVIA,drinking water with 25 ppm deuteriumhas anti-aging effects.

Remarkable results were obtained in studies on cancer tissues, in research related to diabetes and some skin diseases like psoriasis.

Also, low-deuterium water was used by some doctors to help treat various cancers, with surprising results. Evidence in this respect stand the testimonials from all over the world.



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