Posted by: PureWater | May 26, 2011

Qlarivia – The deuterium depleted water

QLARIVIA is a drinking purified water with 25 ppm deuterium content, 6 times lower that the 150 ppm concentration in regular waters.

The deuterium depleted water is an immaculate, pure water like the one existing on Earth tens of thousands years ago.

The brand QLARIVIA was launched on the market in 2008 by MECRO SYSTEM SRL Bucharest (owner of production patent) and is an absolute novelty worldwide.

QLARIVIA is bottled in 0.5 l PETs and its taste is similar to a best quality drinking water.

QLARIVIA is a food supplement and is approved by the Ministry of Health.



  1. dear sir/madam
    i Would like to purchase qlarivia water, but it is not available in dubai. pls let me know who is the supplier of in dubai
    best regards

  2. Dear Mr Mohyuden,

    Regarding your interest in buying Qlarivia in Dubai, plese send an e-mail to: It is the e-mail of the Qlarivia partner responsible for your area.

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